The goal of Huntingdon County PRIDE, Inc. is to provide programs which enable people who are developmentally and/or physically disabled to function at their optimal level of performance.

On March 28, 2017, Huntingdon County PRIDE, Inc. received notice from the Pennsylvania Department of State that they did not have a particular filing document from a previous year. This paperwork was completed by our auditors, and filed with the PA Department of State Agency on January of 2016.

Per their request, we submitted a letter to the Department of State on March 31, 2017 which stated that we had indeed made the proper filing in a timely matter, along with a copy of the document we had filed on January 16, 2016.

The following week, we contacted the Department of State, and we were informed they had received the copy we sent them.

We were under the impression this was a closed matter, until today Tuesday, April 25, 2017, when we received a late afternoon media inquiry regarding our State registration  of Charitable Organization status.

Rest assured, ALL Proper and required paperwork has ALWAYS been, and continues to be submitted to the appropriate State and Federal Agencies in a thorough and timely manner.

Although, we are confident this is a clerical error, We contacted the Pennsylvania Department of State immediately upon media notification late Tuesday afternoon, April 25, and will diligently continue to investigate this matter until properly resolved. WE WILL KEEP YOU POSTED.

Huntingdon County PRIDE Board OF Directors.

The agency will endeavor to make efficient use of available public and private resources to insure fiscal responsibility and quality client care.

PRIDE reflects our commitment to: Promoting, Rehabilitation, Independence, Dignity and Education for people with special needs in Huntingdon County.

PRIDE is an all inclusive, nondiscriminatory organization for persons with disabilities caused by birth defects, injury, disease, learning and developmental disorders, again and other disabling conditions.

100% of each dollar contributed to Huntingdon County PRIDE remains in the county to provide services to our residents with special needs.

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